Demonstrations EP

by T.S. Woodward

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Dreams and nightmares in a psychedelic whirlpool of

rock, pop, and folk.


released September 15, 2012

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by T.S. Woodward at Bonus Room Studios in Athens, GA in 2011/12.




T.S. Woodward Athens, Georgia

Composer and post-rag piano pop/rock band from Athens, GA.

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Track Name: Monotone
I see nothing of beauty
outside these walls, so
I choose only to elude you
through the hall ways in
my mind, and though

I can no longer reside in the
ebb or the flow,
I still hear the call coming
from the undertow:

I gotta disconnect the line
from time to time
a see ya later, thank you, dear!
will do me just fine

I need only to awaken
the voice of the king, who
I lie with in a dream all shaken
with the fear of losing her
again and again, but

I hear only when I'm sleeping
the telephone, so
I dream of a memory repeating
in Monotone:

You got a disconnected line
from time to time-
a see ya later, thank you, dear!
will do me just fine
Track Name: SHINE
the breeze is over your head
the rocks are under tread
who knows this face
won't see the fall from grace
that hangs on fishin' thread
under the unmade bed
in the back of his mind

we're all approaches
on a wall of morning
all on wheels
a turning against the day
when there's nothing
left to say

for dreamer in a dream
the element of surprise
is a welcome sight
for salient eyes
lidless in the fade
we're drinkin' up the shine

sinkin' like a stone
through a smoke ring
floatin' up into
an opening in the sky
and it's fucking cold
at night

so sing me sleep baby
count me among the sheep
that drift between your dreams
and mine
we're gunna shine
we're gunna shine
we're gunna shine
Track Name: The Morrow
If I leave before the morrow
sun rises over dawn
I may not return,
I may not remember you
in the morning of
the morrow

But if I stay to see the morrow
sun rise over you
I may not depart,
I may not forget you
in the afternoon
of the morrow

Now if I wake before the morrow
sun has opened up its eyes
I may not know this dream,
I may not see you
in the evening
of the morrow

But If I stay through tomorrow
and it rains all through the night
I may not yet realize
I may always be in love with you
until the midnight
of the morrow
Track Name: Speaking Loudly
Now here is a mind
made of stone-
whose kinder parts
have all been grown o'er
by time and a
frozen heart
that beats in rhyme
with change,
in moments of truth
fomented and loosened,
the arrows on
our tongue fall like rain
from the sun,
onto swollen ears
that can hardly hear you
saying now and again
"I can can hardly hear you

Speaking loudly
never taught me how
to - calmly now - stop,
to repossess my mouth,
so let me stop,
to reassess myself
while you go on ahead,
save yourself,
you can go on ahead
save your breath
Track Name: TFYT
If you won't let me in
I will walk around
the revolving doors
into academia.

I need to know
six months ago,
but you're as cold as stone
and I am growing old--
bound by my word
to reach the sky
in spite of being
myself, stuck on the ground.
I said ya gotta start somewhere,
now I'm stuck
way up in the air.

So I promise to come down soon,
I won't take too long.
Thanks anyway,
for your time